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Redecker is a family – and a company. Wherever a need for discussion arises, a decision is made together, they work, laugh, and live through it. The first handcrafted Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. A lot has changed since then. Today, the name Redecker stands, as it has for many years, for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. It lives from our very own blend of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship, and creativity. 
Over the years, the business grew from small market stalls to the first regular customers and all the way to international companies. They firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”
They always make sure to use natural, renewable resources when they select their materials. They consistently stay true to their philosophy every time they develop a new product concept, something that you can tell in every one of their items. Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by every family member and also by employees before it even makes it into their catalogue. 


With years of experience in the interior industry and the retail trade, owners Mats and Madeleine felt that something was missing for the Swedish houses. That is how Storefactury arise in 2015. A Swedish brand, close to the clean lines of nature. They are proud to support the Scandinavian heritage and the household processing industry. That is why many of the products are designed in Sweden, by derselves or in close collaboration with other designers. Some products are also produced in Sweden to support the Swedish industry. A beautiful brand with a beautiful vision!


Ib Laursen ApS was founded as a retail shop in 1971 by Ib Laursen but has since developed into being one of Scandinavia’s biggest wholesale suppliers of decor. A great deal of the product range is designed in-house, inspired by fairs, flea markets and tours abroad and are combined to 4 collections per year. The products are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers They sell home and garden decor, matching the Nordic design tradition, to retailers all over the world. Their product range is wide and offers a great number of possibilities in creating a unique and cosy atmosphere, both inside and outside.

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